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What is the Personal Chefs Cooperative?

The Personal Chefs Cooperative, founded in 2009, is the only nonprofit trade association representing personal chefs and owners of culinary-related businesses that have evolved from and/or serve the personal chef industry

How did the Personal Chefs Cooperative come into being?

Bill Furr of Nashville, TN (charter president) and Debra Lane of Bothell, WA (charter vice-president), having had experience over the years with multiple privately-owned industry organizations, realized the need for a member owned and run true trade association for culinary professionals to network and collaborate and founded the Personal Chefs Cooperative with the goal to serve personal chefs and owners of culinary industry-related businesses that have evolved from and/or serve the personal chef industry. PCC is the first professional trade association to be set up as a not-for-profit entity in the personal chef industry.  We are the  only democratically run association in our industry. For the chefs, by the chefs.

Who are members of the Personal Chefs Cooperative?

Our members are a diverse group of personal chefs and other industry-related professionals who take advantage of the unique educational and networking opportunities that only a nonprofit trade association can provide.

Our members are traditional personal chefs who do in-home cooking for clients, chefs cooking from commercial kitchens, chefs doing cooking instruction and demonstrations, private chefs, caterers and those who may market their specialty product either wholesale or retail, each who own their own business in the culinary industry and who benefit from the collaborative experience and talents of the many professionals in the industry’s most active member forum.


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